Last minute in Clash Royale: most recent sand and 4 cards (two of them legendary)


You will not need to give much more info about just the most popular, downloaded and played games of all time for mobile platforms , Android® and iOS hit · The Clash Royale has become completely a phenomenon, and completely occasion That are implemented more recent committed are news to world level · Today at TuTecnoMundo we come to talk about the first fruits that the future update will have that permanent will not leave anyone impérterrito ·


As we have already written in the title of the article, the update will have a more recent arena and 4 more recent letters (two of them legendary). When the update is visible there will be 11 sands · The legendary sand will become sand 11 and to enter it you will have to possess more than 3,800 drinks, that is to say, to approach in the sand you must raise at least 800 more drinks of which Were needed at the moment · Arena 10 will be called Arena Montepuerco and will remain above 3,000 drinks · Clash Royale Hack Cheats Thus, the first change is to add a more recent arena favoring the game to those players with a high% in cups.


Thus, by completely win you get in that arena you’ll get 22 gold coins , 2 more than currently discovered · Everything connected with donations and requests in the same arena holds as currently we discovered, that is, You can order 40 common or 4 special cards and donate 8 common and 1 singular · The cards that you will discover if you are able to reach the most recent Legendary Arena will be the following:

  • Free safe: 13 cards
  • Silver Chest: 13 cards
  • Gold Chest: 41 cards
  • Crown safe: 82 cards
  • Magic chest: 123 cards
  • Giant Chest: 328 cards
  • Supermagnetic safe: 738 cards

But as we have commented, it does not completely go through a more recent arena with some change in the game, but the guys of Clash Royale have added 4 more recent cards to the deck of which two of them will be legendary cards · For in this Expiration we only know the date of departure of one of them, The bandit , which will be visible from March 24 and will even have a unique event to make with her · In reference to the remaining 3, by the expiration we do not know more details .

Bats, Night Witch, Cure and Bandit


These are the most recent letters that we can discover the Clash Royale. Different tasks for different person of positions Primarily emphasizes the healing, a task that even in this expiration we had not found in the game and that perhaps I give pié to a greater amount of strategies to be able to be thrown while the fight · At the moment, But there of these 4 letters and what commented in allusion to the arenas, we do not know lack more · From TuTecnoMundo we invite you to tell us what you think these latest letters and if you think you can add some to the deck that you currently have ·

You can download the game for free from here ·

And you, what do you think about the most recent letters to be added to Clash Royale?

FIFA 17: These transfer bargains lurk in the small leagues

You play a FIFA 17 career and you do not have any coal? With these talents from the smaller leagues of the game saves your budget and brings lots of quality into the team.

Munich – Everyone who starts a career with a subclass team knows the problem. You have little budget, but would like to buy young players with a lot of potential.

One well-known means is to lend the talents of the top clubs for one to two years. But at the latest after this time and a lot of work in the development, a purchase is much too expensive.

A look into smaller leagues, like the Major League Soccer or the Danish Superligaen, is definitely worth it. shows you ten players, who have a huge potential to increase their market value and are the right bargain! FIFA 17 Free Coins

The FIFA 17 bargain from the smaller leagues

Mads Bech Sörensen (AC Horsens / Denmark, LV, 17 years)

Strength: 51, potential: 76, market value: 80,000 €

Paweł Olszewski (Jagiellonia Białystok / Poland, RV, 17 years)

Strength: 53, potential: 75, market value: 110,000 €

Tyler Adams (New York Red Bulls / USA, DM, 17 years)

Strength: 55, potential: 77, market value: 170,000 €

Juan Valencia (Corporación Club Deportivo Tulua / Colombia, DM, age 18)

Strength: 55, potential: 78, market value: 170,000 €

Daniel Arzani (Melbourne Victory / Australia, OM, 17 years)

Strength: 57, potential: 77, market value: 230,000 €

Kamil Jozwiak (Lech Posen / Poland, RM, age 18)

Strength: 58, potential: 79, market value: 290,000 €

Jean-Yves Ballou-Tabla (Montreal Impact / Canada, RM, 17 years)

Strength: 59, Potential: 82, Market value: 325,000 €

Mamadou Fofana (Antalyaspor / Turkey, IV, 18 years)

Strength: 60, potential: 80, market value: 325,000 €

Ezequiel Barco (Independiente / Argentina, OM, age 17)

Thickness: 60, potential: 82, market value: 400,000 €

Marcos Senesi (San Lorenzo / Argentina, IV, 19 years)

Strength: 61, potential: 81, market value: 425,000 €